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The experience

Photographer Little Rock

Craft Memories That Last

Create timeless, emotive, and intimate fine art with me. Document your family's story through my luxury experience with a laid-back approach, customized to your needs.

I've lost images. I've lost irreplaceable images of my beautiful children. I've had hard drives malfunction to where even professionals couldn't recover the photos. And just like that - they're gone... permanently. I also have images of my first child as a newborn on a laptop now stored in a closet that is outdated and obsolete. Unable to access without tremendous time and effort.

But now? I've made it my mission to create tangible memories with my children. Mementos that we can sit down on the couch together and enjoy. Heirlooms that I can pass on to them when they are grown, so they might always remember the unconditional love I have for them.

Create A

"Bailey is truly gifted at capturing the authentic moment; the one you didn't see but hope to remember for a lifetime."
(Erin Taylor)

You'll receive your digital gallery of photos, and we explore how to best print, display, and cherish your images.

We get together on location or at your home, where you get to spend a relaxed hour or two loving on and playing with your favorite people in the world.

My plan as your photographer Little Rock is to meet before your session - in person or virtually - to select a location, style wardrobe, and work out all the details to make sure you're totally prepared, confident, and stress-free.




How It Works

We plan.

Deliver memories.

Take photos.

To show people how beautiful their lives are. The simple, ordinary, and fleeting moments that, stacked together, make up their lifetime. To create meaningful memories that last for generations.

Photographer Little Rock turning daily moments into timeless mementos