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I've lost images. I've lost irreplaceable images of my beautiful children. I've had hard drives malfunction to where even professionals couldn't recover the photos. And just like that - they're gone... permanently. I also have images of my first child as a newborn on a laptop now stored in a closet that is outdated and obsolete. Unable to access without tremendous time and effort.

But now? I've made it my mission to create tangible memories with my children. Mementos that we can sit down on the couch together and enjoy. Heirlooms that I can pass on to them when they are grown, so they might always remember the unconditional love I have for them.

Photography is an extension of the core of who I am. I first picked up the camera to catch the small, daily, things in our lives, that we usually ignore. In my opinion, turning these moments into portraits can really show a person's essence. I do that for my life, my friends' lives, and I hope that I can do it for you as well.

Hi, I'm Bailey,

your Little Rock maternity, newborn, and family photographer. 

I'm ready for tangible memories →

I also offer a carefully curated selection of client wardrobe pieces for mothers and children - pieces that are both flattering and photograph well. This is just another way that I provide that laid-back luxury experience: taking the weight and stress of outfit planning off of your plate.

Graham - Family

A magical, young family session in a field of colorful wildflowers.

Stripling - 1 Year Outdoor + Studio Milestone

A cheerful combination outdoor and studio 1 year milestone session images. A mix of Arkansas State Capitol and Hillcrest studio locations.

Neugebauer - 1 Year Studio Milestone

A sweet twin milestone session at a Little Rock studio space located in the Hillcrest area.

Chang - Outdoor Newborn

A beautiful mix of family and older newborn images at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Take a peek at some of my recent work

I recognize the importance of tangible heirlooms for your family. The value of memories you can hold in your hands... and pass on to your children. To your grandchildren. I believe in creating a legacy with your love.

I hold your hand through the whole process. From small decisions like nail polish color to big ones like whether to shoot before or after nap time, I'm there to take the weight of decision-making off your shoulders.

I'm a mother of 2 young children. I've got lots of tricks for getting children to cooperate and have fun during a session, and I'm not afraid of dealing with toddler meltdowns or newborn fussiness.

Why Working With Me Is Different

→ traveling to new destinations with my husband - Europe is a favorite
→ the changing of the seasons
→ interior design that heavily incorporates natural materials and textures
→ being out in nature - particularly fond of running and hiking
→ icy Sonic drinks
→ loving on animals of any kind
→ shooting medium format film on my Pentax
→ quality one-on-one time with family & friends
→ clean and organized living spaces
→ tending to my houseplants

Things that fuel my soul: