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It's time that you step in front of the camera with your family. Even if you still have 10 pounds you think you need to lose. Even if your schedules are chaotic (because honestly, when are they not?). Even if you don't think you're photogenic (I promise you -  you are). 

I know what it's like to be a busy mother. A million plates spinning with still only one you. That's why I'm here. To take the burden off of you. To make creating a legacy for your family simple & straightforward. To remind your children - years from now - how much you loved them.

Our Process

Purposeful photography, fueled by a passion for connection.

let's get staRted →

  • Wardrobe styling, including access to a carefully curated client closet
  • Location guidance with outdoor, studio, or at-home options included
  • A consultation call and experience guide to help fully prepare you and your family
  • Lifetime-quality professional printing

As a part of the experience you'll receive:





"Bailey makes miracles out of meltdowns. Our photos are always gorgeous and frame worthy ... photo sessions are so easy and laidback with her."
( Whitney Buck )

You'll receive your digital gallery of photos, and we explore how to best print, display, and cherish your images.

We get together on location or at your home, where you get to spend a relaxed hour or two loving on and playing with your favorite people in the world.

Before your session we'll get together - in person or virtually - to select a location, style wardrobe, and work out all the details to make sure you're totally prepared, confident, and stress-free.




We plan.

Deliver memories.

Take photos.

  • My creative fee - which includes my time used for planning, correspondence, scouting, traveling, etc. - is $400. This is due in order to reserve your session date. Upon gallery delivery, the following options are available to you as a way to enjoy your images:

How It Works

I recognize the importance of tangible heirlooms for your family. The value of memories you can hold in your hands... and pass on to your children. To your grandchildren. I believe in creating a legacy with your love.

I hold your hand through the whole process. From small decisions like nail polish color to big ones like whether to shoot before or after nap time, I'm there to take the weight of decision-making off your shoulders.

I'm a mother of 2 young children. I've got lots of tricks for getting children to cooperate and have fun during a session, and I'm not afraid of dealing with toddler meltdowns or newborn fussiness.

Why Working With Me Is Different