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When to Have an Outdoor Newborn Photo Session

While at-home newborn sessions are very special and intimate in their own way, here are some ways to determine if an outdoor newborn session might be a better fit for you.

The weather is good.

I’m starting with the obvious here, but there’s no denying the most important factor for outdoor newborn sessions: the weather. It’s no secret that babies love to be warm! So, if possible, leave outdoor newborn sessions to the months of April – September, at least in our part of the world.

If you want an outdoor session but have a baby born outside of this time frame, consider doing an older baby session (like this one!) that highlights your baby’s newly developed personality.

Your home is no Pinterest style board.

Whether it be due to your less than magazine-quality decor, a poorly lit space, or the chaos having a new addition to the family can bring (I’m not the only one that had diaper boxes everywhere, surely!), not every space lends itself to being photographed well. Don’t want to deal with cleaning? Still working on that remodel? Opt for a session outside of your current living space.

You will have other children present.

As a family and newborn photographer, I’ve seen it often. And, if you’ve been a parent any length of time, you know getting kids to sit still is next to impossible, too. This challenge is only amplified when their favorite toys, the TV, or yummy snacks are all within eyesight. At outdoor sessions, the older children can explore much more freely. This helps them stay engaged with the session better and longer.

A little bonus: My mother always told me that if I couldn’t settle my babies to take them outside. Something about being outdoors – maybe the bright sunshine, interesting noises, or warm breeze – always seems to lull babies to contentment. To ensure your baby stays that extra little bit happy, shooting out of doors is a great option.

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